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Tara Gregorio

I’m the last person who should have had postpartum depression and anxiety.  I was the happiest person in my family – that was before twins of course.

I mean, becoming a mother should be blissful- right?

After twenty-two long months of insomnia; I struggled with depression, anxiety, really bad PMS called PMDD, and anger. The funniest part? no one even mentioned it – not even my husband.

My Story

How I Got Started

Determined not to take medications, I spent my last $2,000 on my credit card to get to the root cause of my symptoms – my gut & adrenal health.  I enrolled to become a certified women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm.  And, while raising twins AND running my Pilates studio, I completed the course two years later.

What I learned from the course, far exceeded my expectations.  Many of my symptoms stemmed from my poor gut health; something called dysbiosis. And after Healing my gut, with the 4R approach, I finally healed my diastasis recti {a.k.a. “mummy tummy”} AND, overcame my depression, anxiety, and anger.

With still a lot to learn, I made the hard decision to close my beloved Pilates studio of seven years (with the help of a book called Necessary Endings) and became a full-time women’s herbal educator.

Even though I taught Pilates for over thirteen years, at the time, I didn’t have the energy to exercise. The adaptogens, like Ashwagandha, gave me the “breakthrough” I needed to bust through postpartum depression and begin moving my body again.  I teach all about this in my course; The Postpartum Depression Relief Mini-Course. 

Anxiety medications are not the only way to overcome Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

The outcome? I overcame postpartum depression and anxiety by addressing my gut & adrenal health

My son? He healed his “asthma-like” breathing with gut-healing remedies and herbal medicine. I write all about this on my blog post and my weekly Youtube videos.  

“Before using Tara’s custom tincture, my son had a lingering cough for over a month. I tried many different remedies, including Zarbee’s naturals, and nothing really seemed to work. The first day I used the tincture Tara created, he coughed up the mucous he was holding onto. After about 4 days of the tincture, his cough was finally gone. We always have Tara’s tinctures on hand, including mixtures for a headache and PMS symptoms that I use regularly.”

Julia Kisla

“In my last health consultation with Tara, I learned tips and techniques to reduce my cold symptoms and she created a personalized tincture for my cold and headache. She tapped Lavender essential oil on my sinuses and within minutes my sinuses opened up and I could breathe. I noticed the herbal remedies and techniques, not only made me feel better but reduced my symptoms faster than when I used over the counter medications. As a bonus, my sinus tincture from Tara helps with pain throughout my body.” arge

Norma Large

Tara is thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable.

Mary Farkas

Postpartum recovery tips

Then in November of 2020, my husband passed away in front of me.  Yes, in front of me!

And that’s when I realized how important it is to share these herbal remedies with you.

And, how important my postpartum healing is NOW serving me as I enter the peri-menopause years.

Along with EMDR, I was able to lift myself back up and work through my grief. With over 4k views: Watch THIS VIDEO to see the lessons my husband taught me and our community💕

  • You don’t have to know how to use herbs – I’ll teach you
  • You don’t even have to commit to two hours a day
  • And postpartum… is ANYTIME after a pregnancy
  • You just need 5 minutes a day to make a difference in your health and it will benefit you and your family

√ You’ll start to sleep more soundly

√ You’ll find time to exercise more

√ You’ll be more present with your family

Wondering where to start? Grab a mini-course to get started 💕


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