find your calm during motherhood

Welcome! I'm Tara

I’m a certified herbalist, inspiring moms to feel more confident using herbal medicine

and holistic practices to reduce medications after birth.

Have you ever felt..

  • worried about your intrusive thoughts that came out of nowhere
  • obsessed with not sleeping and think you need medication for insomnia
  • knowing there’s a deeper reason your body is struggling to recover from birth
  • concerned with using herbs and homeopathy for yourself or your small children
  • overwhelmed with motherhood and afraid you’ll be passing these anxiety symptoms to your kids

If you’ve ever had these thoughts.  You’re in the right place. 

Tara Gregorio

I know what it feels like to…

  • wake up startled and not able to fall asleep again
  • struggle with heart palpitations, panic attacks, and intrusive thoughts
  • finally, figure out I had PMDD – a really bad PMS that causes anger and depression
  • feel completely overwhelmed with the chaos of motherhood
  • only want to use natural remedies with myself and my children


I taught Pilates and fitness for over thirteen years when I had my twins in 2013.  I thought I knew how to heal my body.

Little did I know, that sleep deprivation can wreck your body.  I struggled with postpartum insomnia, anger, depression, and anxiety. I wanted to get to the root cause of these symptoms – instead of just taking medications.   I spent the last $2k on my credit card to get to the root cause of my postpartum symptoms; I enrolled to become a certified women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm to find out why this was happening and how I could heal naturally.

What I learned from the course, far exceeded my expectations.

  • diet is always first and our gut health is connected to our anxiety, depression, moods, and PMS symptoms
  • supplements can help “fill the gap” of what we’re missing in our postpartum healing 
  • adaptogens can prevent burnout 
  • and, a combined herbal medicine tincture can help soothe all organs

After one dose of Ashwagandha – I felt a shift in my health. 

With still a lot to learn, I decided to close my beloved Pilates studio of seven years and became a full-time women’s herbal educator – offering private health consultations and online herbal education.

Then in November 2020, my husband passed away in front of me.  The trauma from this experience rattled my nervous system. When Lyme disease hit in 2021, I was forced to slow down and address my nervous system.

healing your nervous system is key to healing trauma

And that’s when I realized how very important it is for us to heal our nervous system.

In The NEW revised Present Momma, we’ll combine exercises to soothe your nervous system, along with herbal medicine and fast-acting homeopathic remedies to heal your postpartum anxiety.

I hope you’ll join me!

xo, Tara

P.S. Learn more about The Present Momma here: or grab a freebie below.

“Before using Tara’s custom tincture, my son had a lingering cough for over a month. I tried many different remedies, including Zarbee’s naturals, and nothing really seemed to work. The first day I used the tincture Tara created, he coughed up the mucous he was holding onto. After about 4 days of the tincture, his cough was finally gone. We always have Tara’s tinctures on hand, including mixtures for a headache and PMS symptoms that I use regularly.”

Julia Kisla

“Tara is a thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable person. Her in-depth understanding of women’s health has been a huge help to me. The herbal tinctures she has suggested have been beneficial in supporting my system after the birth of my daughter. Tara is terrific and I highly recommend her!”

Mary Farkas

Tara was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. She was always available to answer all my questions and, after only two weeks of following her advice, I feel so much better and calmer. I feel like I can now get through my crazy days. I'm so glad I found her on google.

Kelli Sposato



1999 University of Massachusetts: BDIC (Bachelor Degree with Individual Concentration) Fitness & Wellness Management

Herbal Medicine
  • 2009 Alternatives to Antibiotics – (6hrs) Robin Rose Bennett
  • 2010-2011 Green Medicine: A Training in Herbalism- (4 Months) Peeka Trenkle
  • Ecological Herbalism: Herbs Throughout the Growing Season- (8 Months) Peeka Trenkle
  • 2014 Herbs for Children & Teenagers-Peeka Trenkle
  • 2015 Herbal Medicine for Women:  (400 Hours)  Aviva Romm, M.D.
  • Dr. Aviva Romm: Healthy Kids University
  • Super-Charge your Children’s Health and Immunity with Natural Remedies: Aviva Romm, M.D.
  • 2018 Dr. Romm, Aviva: Allergy Epidemic
  • 2012-2013 Practical Homeopathy: A Foundation Course in Homeopathic Philosophy and Acute Treatment- (10 Months) with Peeka Trenkle
Lyme, Mold, Heavy Metals & Parasites
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