I help moms recovery from pregnancy with exercises & natural remedies

Diastasis Recti | C-Section Recovery | Postpartum Depression

Download the 5 Must-have exercises for postpartum recovery. 

What can I help you with?

I'm clueless about the best exercises to do after pregnancy

postpartum exercise

5 Must-Have After Pregnancy Exercises

I love natural remedies and want to use them with my children

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Grab your FRE 5 Herbal Recipes to boost your child’s immunity – Proven recipes to reduce the sniffles all year. 

Hey, I’m Tara
I’m an expert Pilates Instructor and Certified Women’s Herbal Educator.
I simplify exercises and natural remedies so that you can recovery from pregnancy and feel like yourself again. 
My goal is to teach you the corrective exercises to tighten the gap of your abdominal separation and recover form a C-section.  I do this with pelvic floor physical therapy exercises, anti-inflammatory diet, and botanicals. 
My mission is to help all moms enter motherhood with grace and ease.  I’m so thankful you are here!
You can’t pour from an empty cup.  So if you’re ready to take care of your body – you’re in the right place. 
Tara Gregorio


“I have been working with Tara on a few things-post natal core strengthening is the first and she has been incredibly helpful through her online program and tutorials! She’s also created a tincture for my energy levels- very knowledgeable. She’s my magic motherhood trick!”

Jenn Gonyea

“Before using Tara’s custom tincture, my son had a lingering cough for over a month. I tried many different remedies, including Zarbee’s naturals, and nothing really seemed to work. The first day I used the tincture Tara created, he coughed up the mucous he was holding onto. After about 4 days of the tincture, his cough was finally gone. We always have Tara’s tinctures on hand, including mixtures for a headache and PMS symptoms that I use regularly.”

Julia Kisla

“I have been training with Tara for over a decade and have taken numerous certifications and workshops with her over the years. Tara is the most patient instructor and makes learning enjoyable. She breaks down complicated material and makes it easy to learn. Tara is always so friendly and makes you feel welcomed in her studio and her classes. She is extremely knowledgable and is always willing to help or go the extra mile for you.”

Sabrina Sarabel

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