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Tara Gregorio

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Tara Gregorio

Hi, I’m Tara!

Certified women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm, community herbalist, studying homeopath, and momma of twins

After having twins, I spent twenty-four long months not sleeping.  My digestion was a mess, I drank coffee all day and wine at night to wind down.  Then depression and anxiety kicked in.  I wanted to get to the root cause of why the postpartum time period is so challenging.  With the last 2k on my credit card, I enrolled to become a women’s herbal educator.  It was the best decision I ever made. 

Keep in mind; your mental health matters.  You deserve to feel calm, peace, and joy again.  

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The Present Momma

Go from a sleep-deprived, anxious, chaotic life to a calm, clear present momma with herbs and holistic practices. This is a 5-step course with certified herbalist women’s herbal educator, Tara Gregorio and includes a 45 min. private session.   All remedies are safe while breastfeeding and great for moms of all ages, who feel anxiety and depression began AFTER childbirth.

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