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For over thirteen years, Tara trained and certified thousands of students and clients in the STOTT PILATES method, but it wasn’t until having twins in 2013 that she realized how little she knew about healing the postpartum body.

She became determined to figure out why women experience diastasis recti, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety.  Seven years later, she’s trained hundreds of clients and taught them how to heal diastasis recti and stop bladder leaking with her signature course Pelvic Pow-HER.

Tara became a certified woman’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm and discovered how your gut health is contributing to your symptoms and your child’s.  By integrating botanicals, you can reduce medications for your whole family and improve your health.  Join Tara for her affordable membership; The Present Momma & to decrease medications with your children her online course: Home Remedies For Children.

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when sleeping woman wakemountains move” – Chinese Proverb

Natural Remedies Made Easy

Raise your hand if you know “motherhood can be easier”! Yeah, me too!

Join me each Tuesday on my Youtube channel to discover the best exercises to tighten your core safely and the safe botanicals to soothe your mind and reduce doctors’ visits all year long.

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