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I want to know which herbs are safe while breastfeeding

Let’s stop repetitive & intrusive thoughts, get restful sleep again, and feel confident knowing when a botanical is safe while breastfeeding. 

pms, pmdd, menopause

I want to recover from pregnancy faster - naturally

Better digestion, sleep and feeling inspired to use herbal medicine to reduce postpartum depression and anxiety. Yes, please. 

anxiety relief

I want to overcome a racing heart & repetitive thoughts

Join your FREE 3-day email challenge to find your inner resilience and know everything will be “ok”. You’ll discover the 3-step method to reduce repetitive thoughts, the ONE botanical to soothe heart palpitations, and the ONE adaptogen to ease insomnia so you can feel like yourself again.

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tara gregorio
Tara Gregorio

Hi, I’m Tara!

My journey with herbal medicine began when I was planning a wedding of 300 and had one round of antibiotics that left me sick.  I was at my lowest weight possible, had a rash on my leg, and couldn’t eat anything.  The doctors said I was “fine”.  They couldn’t find anything.  That’s when I reached out to an ayurvedic doctor for help.  After one cup of tea, I knew the botanicals would heal me.

Soothing your nervous system is key to your healing.👇

Reduce medications with herbs & homeopathy

Join my group coaching course – opening 2023

Tara Gregorio
Group Coaching

The Present Momma

Go from a sleep-deprived, anxious, chaotic life to a calm, clear present body with herbs and holistic practices. This is a 6-week group coaching course with certified herbalist women’s herbal educator, Tara Gregorio.  This is for moms who are exhausted and want to get to the root cause of their postpartum health. All remedies are safe while breastfeeding.