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3 Ways To Use Herbs With Kids

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A personalized approach to healthcare

Momma Of Twins

I’ve been where you are.  Sleep-deprived, anxious, irritatable and even after teaching Pilates for thirteen years, I didn’t know how to heal my abdominal separation & pelvic floor. But, I figured it out.

Certified Women's Herbal Educator

When I was struggling with postpartum depression & insomnia, I enrolled to become a women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm.  While raising twins and running a Pilates studio, I became certified and finally understood why women struggle so much after childbirth.  We need more gut healing.  I share all my secrets on my blog and YouTube Channel.

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FREE Training: How to use herbs when you’re breastfeeding

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Private Health Consultations

Ready to feel more energized, focussed, and be present with your family? Book The Postpartum Refresher package. 

  • reduce bloating by addressing your gut health
  • reduce anxiety by integrating adaptogens {even if you’re breastfeeding}
  • improve energy with herbs
  • This includes 3 private 1:1 consultations with Tara Gregorio. See FAQ’s
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5-Day Challenge: How to Permanently Stop Incontinence 

Are you still wasting money on pantyliners? Discover the hassle-free method to stop periodic bladder leakage. 

What you’ll discover in your FREE 5-day challenge:

  •  The ONE way to know if you should skip kegels
  • The SINGLE most important breath to help you stay dry
  • How to create an INSANELY irresistible daily practice to stop periodic bladder leaks.
when sleeping woman wakemountains move” – Chinese Proverb

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Join me on Youtube, each Tuesday to uncover a natural remedy for your symptoms. 

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