Be honest.

Your colicky baby is driving you mad.

I can relate.  My son had colic, a milk allergy, and reflux and had to sleep inclined for months. It was exhausting.  They actually have correlated PPD with colicky babies. ¹  This was true for us.

What if you could soothe your child so they would sleep more easily?

Imagine what it would be like to have a child who slept and was not in pain.

But don’t forget.  Always check with your doctor before adding anything new to your child’s diet.

Want to get started? In this post, I’ll share how addressing your child’s gut health can reduce the pain from colic.

What is Colic in babies?


Colicky babies follow the rules of three.

  • They typically are 3 months old
  • Cry for 3 hours at a time
  • For at least 3 days a week!

You may notice your baby’s legs are drawn up and your baby seems like they are in pain.  Colic is due to digestion and the pain may be due to excessive gas.

Other symptoms you may notice:

  • Your baby clenches their fists
  • They have a red, flushed face
  • They tighten their stomach muscles
  • They have a bloated tummy

What Causes Colic?

Here’s the thing.  Colic is the start of what’s called an Atopic triad; Eczema, Seasonal Allergies, and Asthma symptoms typically follow children with colic.

Although not completely sure of the cause of Colic, these kids also have higher strains of gut bacteria called Clostridia, which cause gas, bloating, and indigestion. ²

And, C-section babies have lower rates of Bifidobacterium-like bacteria and Lactobacillus-like bacteria, compared to vaginal births. ³ Which may affect their digestion.

Here are a series of steps you can try to soothe your colicky baby.

Colic affects up to 28% of infants¹

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5 Colic Remedies For Breastfed Babies

#1 Address their gut health

If your child was born via C-section, was formula fed, or has had one round of antibiotics, their gut health may be compromised.  Try an elimination diet for mom if breastfeeding or Hydrolyzed protein formula if your child is bottle-fed. You could also explore goat’s milk formula as well.  Moms like Holle formula. 

In one study,  the infants who received 5 drops of L reuteri each morning 30 minutes before the morning feeding and moms removed dairy from their diet, had a 50% reduction in crying time; compared to the placebo group. ¹

#2 Consider an elimination diet for the mom

If you are breastfeeding, you may consider an elimination diet due to gut dysbiosis; which is the imbalance of the microbial in the mom’s gut due to medications, stress, birth, or yeast in the gut.

  • For mom: Removing the top allergens: Gluten, and dairy if breastfeeding and consider healing your gut with the 4R approach
  • If your baby is eating – remove gluten and dairy as well in the baby’s diet

#3 Add Lactobacillus to both of your diets

Lactobacillus can break down the sugar and hydrogen gas that is causing the cramping.  I like Klair infant probiotic for babies and Klair Women’s for moms. 

# 3 Drink Herbal Teas

Offer your child chamomile tea to aid with digestion or sip on this before breastfeeding to support elimination and gas.

Colic Tea for Babies

Combine equal parts of the following herbs.  Then take 1 tbs. to 1 cup of boiling water.  Cover and let steep for 10 minutes.  Strain, then use a dropper to administer to children throughout the day to soothe gas and belly bloat.

#4 Essential oil for gas {externally}

A relaxing herbal bath can help relax the baby and release gas.

  • Add just 1 drop of chamomile essential oil or lavender essential oil to 1/4 cup of milk and add to the tub for baby
  • Alternatively, you could make a strong cup of chamomile tea, cool it, and it to the tub as well

Tummy massage

  • Make a calming massage oil by blending 1 drop of essential oil of chamomile or lavender in 1 tsp. of almond oil
  • Massage up the baby’s right side, across the middle, and down the left to aid digestion

#5 Consider the 4R approach to heal mom’s gut from dysbiosis

Homeopathic remedies for colic

I also LOVE using homeopathy with children.  Here are some great remedies for colic.

  • ColocynthisThe child’s belly feels better from firm pressure.  They are cranky and double up and scream with gas pains.
  • Magnesia phosphoricaThe baby wants warmth and gentle pressure on the belly.  The key sign in a warmed bottle over the belly feels better. 
  • Bryonia- The baby does not want to be carried, asks for a drink, and then doesn’t want it.  Irritable and worse for moving, carrying, or jarring. They can’t stand to be moved
  • Chamomilla –The child wants to be carried constantly but that doesn’t help. They cry for water and then don’t want it.  They may wine for toys and then throws it away.  Often they have one red check and the other pale.  You cannot please or soothe the child who needs chamomile. The key sign is they calm down more when carried and fuss when put down.



Colic in babies is a sign of too much gas in their belly, due to an imbalance of gut bacteria.  Addressing moms’ and babies’ gut health can stop the pain and allow your baby to be soothed. Drinking herbal teas and integrating homeopathy can aid digestion for both mom and baby and reduce the excessive gas; causing the pain.


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5 Natural remedies for colic; even if you\'re breastfeeding