2-Hour Pelvic Pow-HER Workshop

Strengthen your core + pelvic floor without 1,000 Kegels a day!

Tara’s signature class, Pelvic Pow-HER is a Pilates-based, pelvic care fitness class for women of all ages.  In this workshop, you’ll discover how to stretch and engage your pelvic floor muscles so that you’ll have less low back pain, less periodic bladder leaking, and tighten the gap of your abdominal separation.

The workshop will end with a Pilates-based mat class, weaving in the pelvic floor exercises so you leave energized and confident on how to care for your body.

This workshop is great for women who:

🗸 have an abdominal separation

🗸 experience periodic bladder leaking

🗸 have pain from a C-section or Episiotomy

🗸 are in menopause

🗸 have lumbar disc degeneration

🗸 have had chemotherapy

Date: 10.12.19

Time: 3:00 – 5:00 P.M.

Location: Prana Moon 

To book this workshop go to: 

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