Be honest.. you wish you could feel more rested and less agitated each day!

What if you could feel calm and carefree; even when the house is a mess? and the dishes are overflowing!

Think about this for a moment, if you had a soothing daily routine to follow – would your body feel better?

  • Our body craves routine and it craves to be oiled! Yes, oiled.
  • And.. women who have anxiety tend to be more of the Vata dosha body type in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • This body type tends to be drier and has more constipation.

Does that sound like you?

Think of this routine, like a warm bubbly bath to soothe your body tension.  Choose 1 or all 9 steps to bring greater comfort to your body.

What is Dinacharya?

It’s the Ayurvedic daily routine, or Dinacharya, that soothes and nourishes your body. It should take just about 10-20 minutes every morning (not including the exercise portion) to master.

And… you can always choose one or all nine steps when you begin to have more time.

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What’s an ideal Ayurvedic morning routine to stop anxiety?

Try these 9 simple steps to soothe your nervous system most days of the week.

  • Step #1
    • Wake up at the same time every day – kids will help with this!
  • Step #2
    • Scrape your tongue 10-12x to remove bacteria
      • You can buy a fancy tongue scraper or use the back of a spoon.
      • Pro tip: I often glance at my tongue to determine my health – your tongue is a reflection of your digestion.  If it has a thick coating, it may be time to address your gut health!
  • Step #3
  • Step #4
    • Drink warm water with lemon.
    • Squeeze half a fresh lemon into the water; you can add 1 tsp. of fresh ground, ginger to aid digestion. I LOVE, LOVE ginger people!
    •   Warm water cleanses and awakens the digestive tract, encouraging a healthy bowel movement daily.
  • Step #5
    • Nature calls…going to the bathroom upon waking will help clear your digestive system. A healthy “motion” will have a soft brown log quality, little odor, and will be well-formed (like a banana).
    • If you’re constipated, consider waiting to eat and chug coffee before you go!
      • Undigested food, foul smell, mucus, blood, excessive dryness or “pellet-like” quality, as well as “sinkage”,  indicates a digestive imbalance.
    • Altering diet, and lifestyle, and using herbs will help better this.
    • Follow these tips to help you reduce constipation:
  • Step #6
    • Wash your eyes with rose water
    • Rosewater helps soothe red eyes from too much computer work or just two hours of sleep!
  • Step #7
    • Self-Massage (or Abhyanga) is one of our best practices for soothing your nerves and feeling ageless.
    • To practice, massage your skin daily using a high-quality organic oil such as sesame, sunflower, or coconut oil.
    • Warm the oil in your hands, then rub down, making sure not to skip any parts. Let the oil soak in for at least 20 minutes and then shower or leave it on overnight!
    • My favorite Ayurvedic oil can be found here:
  • Step #8
    • Nasya, or nasal lubrication, can help soothe the nasal passages, particularly in dry months.
      • Take 1 tsp. of nasal oil on your ring finger, insert it into your nostril, and massage.
  • Step #9
    • Self-practice of meditation or yoga.
    • Begin your day with something you love! Choose an exercise routine you enjoy and stick with it daily.
  • Don’t forget your diet
    • Consider eating warm, cooked foods during the day to improve digestive fire.  Eat your most substantial meal at lunch, and try to eat without distractions. 😜

What is the best evening routine for moms?

  • Skip Netflix, and go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Ask your partner to take the kids or put a movie in to take a warm bath – adding oil to the tub! {watch out it gets slippery)
  • Enjoy a warm cup of milk with nutmeg,  cardamom, and a little honey.
  • Take Triphala with warm water, 1 hour before sleep. Triphala, an Ayurvedic herb can help reduce constipation and enhance your sleep.
  • Feeling constipated? Take Triphala before bed.  This is the one I love.
  • Get to bed before 10:00 pm, as your body, renews itself between 10-2:00 am.

Warmly~ Tara

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