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About Tara

My journey to herbal medicine began in 2007, the year my then-husband proposed to me. The stress of living in NYC and planning a wedding of over 300 guests overtaxed my nervous system.

This stress plus a round or two of antibiotics left me at my lowest weight, and although others commented on how wonderful I looked, I never felt so tired and exhausted in my life.

The wedding, plus many rounds of antibiotics as a child and teenager, left my digestion compromised and I could not digest many types of foods; leaving my diet very limited. {think gluten and dairy free}

After many doctor’s diagnose of “you are fine” with no real medical problems, I turned to an Ayurvedic doctor. After one visit, and a lovely cup of tea, I knew I wanted to learn everything about botanicals.

In 2013, after the birth of my twins, I turned to botanicals once again to help me overcome postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and digestive issues.

I became a certified women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm to discover how functional medicine doctors were healing their patients and to learn the best herbal remedies for women and children’s health.

Healing my gut with supplements and botanicals has strengthened my immune system so I can eat gluten and dairy {occasionally} and has reduced my need for medications over the years. My skin has cleared, digestion has improved, and I haven’t needed antibiotics for over ten+ years.

Every mother deserves to trust her “gut instinct” and feel good after pregnancy

More about Tara
  • I’ve trained thousands of students and clients in the STOTT PILATES method; even physical therapists, for over eighteen years. 
  • I’ve certified with Dr. Aviva Romm and trained with master herbalists like Peeka Trenkle & Robin Rose Bennet in herbal medicine and homeopathy. 
  • I’ve overcome postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety with herbal medicine and self-care techniques; like Gabby Bernsetins Miracle membership!
  • I’ve helped hundreds of women reduce medications; including anxiety medications with botanical remedies. 
  • My clients say I’m a great listener and I’m able to break down complicated information into bite-sized, easy to understand information:)
  • My husband passed in November of 2020, so I am now a single momma of twins. 

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More About What I do….

I love everything about natural remedies! 

I’m particularly obsessed with helping women overcome postpartum depression and anxiety. 

My unique healing method- included in The Present Momma’s 6-week group coaching course, inspires you to overcome

  • anxiety & PMS with botanicals and grounding practices

When we’re not hiking or exploring the Hudson Valley, you can find me working in my new home office – top bun up and hoop earrings and prepping for my next Youtube video.

Tara Gregorio

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