Have you ever said….

√ I feel like I still look pregnant

√ I have digestive issues

√ Everytime I eat, I puff up

√ This is just how it is after kids

you can be stronger than BEFORE children

But you do your best to recover on your own. 

You try a Paleo diet, Keto diet, spinning and bootcamp to lose the belly weight.  Your exhausted, overwhelmed and feel unsupported.

Nothing seems to be working.

You wonder.. this is just how it is after having children.

What if you had a plan? A plan to finally improve your upset stomach. 

A plan to tighten your core, support your sleep deprivation and to improve your energy.  

I know how it feels to still look pregnant years after having kids.  To have bloating, digestive problems, and a weak core with back pain. 

I’ve also struggled with panic attacks and postpartum depression.  I’m a seasoned Pilates instructor and Certified Women’s Herbal Educator – but I didn’t always have all the answers.

Things started turning around when I learned about my gut health and how it was contributing to my symptoms. Once I healed my gut with botanicals and supplements – my sleep improved, my depression released and I was able to have enough energy to begin exercising again. 

The winners are the women who put themselves first.  The women who carve in just a few minutes of “self-care” each day so you can take care of yourself first so that you can manage the house, run a business and put dinner on the table at 6pm without worry.  

It’s not about a quick diet or an intense workout routine.  The birth of a mother requires you to address your own gut health, sleep, and mental health first in order to smile when sauce is on your walls and everyone is crying. 

This is what I’m here to help you with. To help you integrate natural remedies and the best exercises so you feel stronger than BEFORE children.  

Hi, I’m Tara
Having twins and expanding my Pilates studio was not the best way to start motherhood.  But, that’s what happened in 2013.  Even after teaching fitness for over thirteen years, I had no clue on how to heal my abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction.
All I knew, is I didn’t want to look pregnant anymore and sleep deprivation was creating anxiety and depression.
I believe the body can heal naturally – so I enrolled to become a certified women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm.  I took the best physical therapy courses to learn how to put my body back together with exercises and began teaching these exercises to my clients in my pilates studio.
The adaptogens and nourishing diet I learned from Dr. Aviva Romm, stopped my postpartum depression.  My abdominal separation tightened with the physical therapgy exercises and healing my gut with the 4R approach.
All of this chaos led to my signature course; Pelvic Pow-HER.  My goal is to help millions of women reduce medications and heal their body by integrating natural remedies and exercises so you feel strong, energized, and rested.

Let’s get back to the basics

You didn’t have a postpartum plan.  You’ve been focussing on raising little people and putting food on the table, leaving little time for you.  Now is your time.  Time to learn how to improve your digestion, sleep, and anxiety so you can finally enjoy these little angels you’ve created.

So grab your coffee and scroll through my blog posts.  Take action today!

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“Tara helped me put the pieces together — it wasn’t just pelvic floor strength, but posture, stress, and breathing that I needed to work on. I had a small diastastis recti — an abdominal separation — and Tara taught me the safe and correct exercises to fix it. Thank you!”

Elena Mauer

“I’m stronger and more centered in my core than ever before and amazed to see I can do exercises (and keep up with my kids!) that felt completely impossible just a few weeks ago. Tara has provided an essential foundation to help me heal from pregnancy and childbirth and get back to feeling strong and physically active.” 

Virginia Sole-Smith

“Tara is a thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable person! Her in-depth understanding of women’s health has been a huge help to me.  The herbal tinctures she makes have been beneficial in supporting my system after the birth of my daughter.  Tara is terrific and I highly recommend her!”

Mary Farkas

Fun Facts About Tara Gregorio

I can be found curled up in bed with a good book-I especially like self-improvement books or steamy novels that keep me hooked at the end of each chapter.

I also love hiking, biking, and exploring the Hudson Valley with my family. 

If you’re dying to know more, here are 10 things most people don’t know…
  1. I rode my bike from Bear Mountain (NY)  to Boston, MA in the NY Aids Ride in 2006.
  2. I first met my husband when we were children – through family members. 
  3. I’ve worked with 1,000’s of students – teaching them the STOTT PILATES method.
  4. I opened my first Pilates studio in Garrison, NY in 2008.
  5. I expanded my business {Pilates studio in Cold Spring, NY} and had twins in the same year!
  6. My twins were born an hour and a half apart!  
  7. I’ve helped hundreds of women close the gap of diastasis recti and stop leaking.
  8. I move every day with either Pilates, Yoga, Strength training, or running. 
  9. I haven’t used conventional medications in over 10 years! 
  10. I am living proof, natural remedies can help you overcome anxiety, insomnia, and depression! Never give up.
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