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My Story

What do you actually do? I help women reduce medications for themselves and their children.

I show women how to…

...feel confident listening to their body.  You know, that little gut feeling you get when something is right or wrong. Your body knows how to heal.  I’m just sharing remedies that our grandmothers knew and you choose how to integrate them. 

But really… what do you do?

I love waking up before the kids.  Sneaking in a hot cup of coffee – with no interruptions.  Then turning on my Miracle Membership with Gabby Bernstein. Because I know, my mind needs to be right before I can give to my kids, my husband, and my clients.

Hey, I’m Tara

You may know me from a Pilates session or two, or from my STOTT PILATES instructor trainer courses.  I still love doing these things, but I’m also obsessed with teaching women how to use herbal medicine – it’s kinda my calling.

People come to me when they’re tired of doctors just “prescribing medications”. I get it.  I’ve been there.

I have over 13 years of experience using and teaching herbal medicine & homeopathy.  My certification as a women’s herbal educator, with Dr. Aviva Romm, gives me a unique perspective on healing.  I always look at the full picture – from birth until now and I ALWAYS address your gut health.

Your gut health may be why you’re experiencing these symptoms. 

I have taught Pilates in NYC – before kids. I’ve owned a Pilates studio in the Hudson Valley and closed when my twins went to kindergarten. But, herbal medicine is my passion.

When I’m not homeschooling my twins, you can find me working in my new home office – top bun up and hoop earrings on.  Or enjoying the Hudson Valley with a hike up Bull Hill or bike ride in the mountains.

Tara Gregorio

Curious to know more?
If you’re dying to know more, here are 10 things most people don’t know…
  1. I rode my bike from Bear Mountain (NY)  to Boston, MA in the NY Aids Ride in 2006.
  2. My first job out of college was working at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires.
  3. I first met my husband when we were children – through family members.
  4. I’ve worked with 1,000’s of students – teaching them the STOTT PILATES method.
  5. I opened my first Pilates studio in Garrison, NY in 2008; Tara Gregorio Holistic Healing.
  6. I expanded my business {Pilates studio in Cold Spring, NY} and had twins in the same year!
  7. My twins were born an hour and a half apart!
  8. I’ve helped hundreds of women close the gap of diastasis recti and stop leaking.
  9. I’ve helped many women get off of Buspar and anxiety medications.
  10. I am living proof, natural remedies can help you overcome anxiety, insomnia, and depression! Never give up.

Want to work with me? Excellent! 

If you LOVE natural remedies, as I do, Join one of my online courses. 

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