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Have you ever wondered …

  • why you have waves of anxiety hitting at odd times?
  • why your PMS is on steroids?
  • why you feel crazy before your period?
  • why you have trouble sleeping?
  • why you’re so irritable?

I’ve struggled with this as well. 

I’m a certified women’s herbal educator and community herbalist for over thirteen years, but I didn’t always have the answers.

I know what it feels like to…

  • have daily anxiety, insomnia and even postpartum depression
  • have bloating and “digestive issues”
  • have monthy PMS & PMDD

I overcame all of these struggles when I addressed my gut health.

From my experience as a certified women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm, I’ve learned how to “heal my gut” with the 4R approach and you can do it too!

Through my YouTube channel, online courses and group health consultations, I teach women how to heal their body after childbirth with natural remedies and best physical therapy and pilates based exercises. 

Basically, I can help you reduce medications and ease anxiety. ✨

As far as what you can expect from me, I post new videos every Tuesday on my YouTube channel and if I don’t say so myself – they are amazing!

My mission is to help you reduce medications with yourself and your children so your family thrives with health.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your free download below and get started.

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Fun Facts About Tara Gregorio

I can be found curled up in bed with a good book-I especially like self-improvement books or steamy novels that keep me hooked at the end of each chapter.

I also love hiking, biking, and exploring the Hudson Valley with my family. 

If you’re dying to know more, here are 10 things most people don’t know…
  1. I rode my bike from Bear Mountain (NY)  to Boston, MA in the NY Aids Ride in 2006.
  2. My first job out of college was working at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. 
  3. I first met my husband when we were children – through family members.
  4. I’ve worked with 1,000’s of students – teaching them the STOTT PILATES method.
  5. I opened my first Pilates studio in Garrison, NY in 2008; Tara Gregorio Holistic Healing.
  6. I expanded my business {Pilates studio in Cold Spring, NY} and had twins in the same year!
  7. My twins were born an hour and a half apart!
  8. I’ve helped hundreds of women close the gap of diastasis recti and stop leaking.
  9. I’ve helped many women get off of Buspar and anxiety medications.
  10. I am living proof, natural remedies can help you overcome anxiety, insomnia, and depression! Never give up.



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  • Ther*happy Podcast: Herbal Medicine For Mama’s : https://youneedtherhappy.com/ep20-herbal-medicine-for-mamas-with-tara-gregario/
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