Which type of PMS do you have?

Which type of PMS do you have?


Did you know there are four types of PMS?

In this post, I’ll explain the four types of PMS and why these symptoms may occur. Then, we’ll discuss some herbal remedies for you.

Keep in mind…

It’s common to have PMS, but not necessary. It is possible to have no PMS each month. {I know it’s hard to believe!}

Here are the four types of PMS.

#1 PMS-A {Anxiety pattern}

Possible reasons

      • estrogen excess and progesterone insufficient
      • HPA-related diminished stress response


  • anxiety, insomnia, irritability, emotional liability

#2 PMS-C {Carbohydrate cravings}

Possible enhanced insulin binding effects: This means, it inhibits the release and production of glucose from the cells which is an integral part of reducing the glucose blood level.

    • Symptoms you may experience
      • sugar cravings
      • increased appetite
      • headache
      • hypoglycemia
      • heart palpitations
      • sweating spontaneously

#3 PMS-D {depression pattern}

Possible reasons

  • estrogen driven
      • Symptoms include
        • depression
        • despair
        • crying
        • feelings of hopelessness
        • fatigue
        • insomnia
        • apathy
        • low libido

Do you have PMDD? Read this post to learn more:https://taragregorio.com/pms-or-pmdd/

#4 PMS – H {Hyper-hydration pattern}

      • Symptoms include;
        • edema of hands and feet
        • weight gain
        • sense of bloating
        • clothes feel tight
        • breast tenderness

And, of course, you can have more than one!

Watch this video to hear the four types of PMS.



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