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26 Breastfeeding Herbal Remedies

Wondering which herbs are safe while nursing? 26 Breastfeeding Remedies is a printable remedy sheet for moms who are struggling with choosing safe herbs while nursing.   It’s the only template that combines herbs & homeopathic remedies with how-to videos so you can feel confident using safe and effective remedies during the breastfeeding years.


herbs for kids

26 Herbs & Homeopathic Remedies For Babies, Toddlers & Big Kids

Tired of sick kids? 26 Herbal Remedies for kids is an A-Z remedy resource sheet for overwhelmed moms who crave to reduce medications with their kids, but don’t have the time to search for all the safe answers.  Unlike other resources and books, 26 Herbal Remedies includes “how-to videos” and quick links so you are guaranteed to save time and money when your little one is sick.


Online Courses


The Present Momma

Moms, are you frustrated with your anxiety? The Present Momma is a 6-week group coaching with online support to help women overcome anxiety without medication.  Different than other courses, TPM integrates herbs, homeopathy, mindfulness, and gut healing to help moms; even if they are breastfeeding, breakthrough anxiety so they can be present with their family and feel like themselves again. Click the button below to get on the waitlist and save $200 off the group training!

Home Remedies For Children

Home Remedies For Children

Are you tired of sick kids? Are you worried about using too much medication with them? Herbs & Homeopathic medicine is the fastest way to boost your child’s immunity and reduce illnesses for years to come. Home Remedies for Children blueprint is the A-Z natural remedy apothecary for most childhood illnesses so you can raise healthy, happy, resilient kids. 

PPD Relief Mini-Course

Are you a mom struggling with intrusive thoughts, insomnia, and depression? PPD Relief mini-course is a 3-step online training to help moms begin to breakthrough depression with herbal medicine.  Unlike other courses for depression, PPD relief includes safety levels for moms who are breastfeeding and addresses intrusive thoughts with writing prompts so you can begin your healing from within.

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