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Alternatives To Antibiotics

Discover the herbal and homeopathic remedies to reduce your child’s medication, help heal their gut, and encourage a life-time of health and longevity.

Stop Incontinence In 60 Days

Discover the rehabilitative exercises to stop bladder leaking with exercise, diet, and natural remedies to reduce stress. 

“Tara’s classes have shown me that, even with very minimal time, even after giving birth naturally to three kids including twins, it is possible to restore yourself.”

Jen Zwarich

“Tara helped me put the pieces together — it wasn’t just pelvic floor strength, but posture, stress, and breathing that I needed to work on. I had a small diastastis recti — an abdominal separation — and Tara taught me the safe and correct exercises to fix it. I feel stronger throughout my entire body! I stand straighter, my diastastis recti is tight, and my core strength has increased. And most importantly, I don’t worry about back pain anymore!” 

Elena Mauer

“I am a licensed, full-scope midwife with a particular interest in issues of pelvic floor dysfunction. Before referring to my own clients, I took Tara’s Pelvic Pow-her course as an exercise in due diligence. I found Tara to be exceptionally knowledgeable, supportive, and positive. The brilliant thing about this course is that she shares so many different tools and techniques. She provides a clear framework so that each student can easily figure out which of these will work best and create an effective, individualized home program that will be perpetually useful. With complete confidence, I recommend this course to anyone who needs to address pelvic floor issues.”

Megan O'Connor, MS, CM, LM, LMT

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