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Breastfeeding Remedies


26 Breastfeeding Herbal Remedies

Wondering which herbs are safe while nursing? What if you had a simple, easy, reference guide for the safe, effective herbal remedies during the breastfeeding years {even if you’re scared they won’t work fast enough}?  Complete with videos, products links, and recipes to boost your milk supply and ease your sleep-deprived nights.


PPD Relief Mini-Course

What does it mean to build your body back after baby? What nutrients do you need to feel like yourself again? In this PPD relief min-course, I cover the EXACT nutrients your body needs to feel nourished again. Plus, the safe and effective herbal remedies to soothe depression and anxiety without medications. 

Online Courses


The Present Momma

Moms, are you frustrated with your anxiety? Join my group coaching the Present Momma’s to learn how to overcome anxiety without medication in 4 weeks or less. 

Herbs & Homeopathy 101

Want to feel confident using herbs & homeopathy with your children so that you can reduce doctor’s visits and raise resilient children?

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