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Online Herbal Medicine Courses for Women & Children

Become Resilient

Online Mini-Courses

Women’s Health

What would it feel like to know the EXACT herbal remedies while nursing?

What’s included in this template?

  • The must-have 26 herbal remedies for mastitis, low milk supply, thrush, postpartum cramping & more – All safe while breastfeeding
  • 6 Videos to help guide you to creating or purchasing herbal medicine safely
  • 2 Herbal Recipes to boost milk supply now so you can feel at ease
  • & more for just $10

Want to know how I overcame postpartum depression & anxiety without medications? 

Join this Postpartum Depression Relief mini-course to learn the EXACT remedies to heal your body after each birth.

Moms, are you frustrated with your anxiety? Want to know how to overcome & manage your anxiety for years to come without medications? Join The Present Momma group coaching.

Discover how to use Adaptogens & Nervines to control and overcome your anxiety in 14 days or less!  SAVE YOUR SEAT

Online Mini-Courses

Children’s Health 

What would it feel like to be confident using herbs & homeopathy with your children? Grab this min-course to learn the EXACT dosing, remedies and techniques to reduce doctor’s visit’s now. 

Herbs & Homeopathy 101

Discover the EXACT methods for using herbal medicine & homeopathy with babies & toddlers -safely. Purchase this course for just $37.

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