I offer one-on-one health consultations to discuss your birth experience and how this has affected your gut health, sleep, and anxiety.  Together we can heal your gut, reduce SSRI’s and help you sleep again.


What is a 1 on 1 Health Consultation?

Are you struggling with ….

  • bloating, constipation, and gas?
  • PMS or PMDD?
  • taking pills after pills for sleep and anxiety

I can help.  As a certified women’s herbal educator, I will guide you through foods, supplements, and botanicals to soothe your symptoms – naturally.

What’s included?

  • Initial 30 minute consultation and goal setting session with Tara so you can start your journey with a plan.
  • Weekly online check-ins and exclusive one-on-one feedback Tara so you stay accountable and can make maximal progress.
  • Unlimited text and email support so you are never left with questions
  • 2 informational e-books: “Anxiety-free handbook” and “Heal your gut; The 4R approach”  so you can start out your journey with plenty of resources.
What is the cost?

The cost is $399 for 5 one-hour phone coaching sessions. Please do not sign up for the exploratory session if your not ready to make this investment in yourself. 

What do you specialize in?

Tara specializes in the after-baby recovery period. 

Here are some topics that are included in your coaching package. 

  • Why does sex hurt? You’ll learn exercises, breathing patterns and botanicals to ease the pain. 
  • Why is my PMS worse? You’ll discover diet and botanicals techniques to soothe sore breasts and bloating
  • Why am I always constipated? You’ll discover foods and botanicals to ease digestion
  • Why do I pee my pants? Discuss why this is happening and what you can do about it. 
  • Why do I still look pregnant? Learn how digestion and correct exercises can heal diastasis recti. 
  • Why am I so exhausted? Discover botanicals that can soothe anxiety, support sleep deprivation, and boost energy if you are sleeping. 


How is a health consultation with Tara different?

Tara combines her 17 years of fitness experience with her education as a women’s herbal educator to help support women after having children.  Our bodies need nourishment and rest after birthing children – often we are too busy caring for them instead of caring for ourselves.  With the right exercises and nourishment, you can feel like yourself again. 

Heal your gut – Introductory Offer

3 Private Health Consultations For $210 Yes! I'm ready to get rid of bloating

Tara truly is one of a kind as an Instructor Trainer and as a person.  Her teaching methodology and style resonates with you for years.  She goes above and beyond to make sure that you come out of her courses stronger, smarter and equipped to handle any client situation.   I always encourage all of my students, instructors and fellow co-workers to invest in a course with her because she really is THAT GOOD. I am still learning from her every day and its in her nature to share whatever knowledge she has to help you. I really cannot recommend anyone better!!

Brooke Taylor

Taylored Fitness

“My second pregnancy was much harder on my body than my first and in ways, I did not expect. Working with Tara has helped me to understand the full story of what my body has experienced and how it is knitting back together. I’m stronger and more centered in my core than ever before and amazed to see I can do exercises (and keep up with my kids!) that felt completely impossible just a few weeks ago. This has provided an essential foundation to help me heal from pregnancy and childbirth and get back to feeling strong and physically active.” 

Virginia Sole-Smith

“Tara offered pelvic pow-HER classes, and I immediately signed up.  Wondering if the exercises were doing anything, the movement was so gentle and unique; I was not confident it would work.  What surprised me the most about the pelvic pow-HER class is that the exercises were so much more than doing Kegels.  Tara shared her knowledge of how our pelvic floor supports so much in our bodies.   I continued to do some of the exercises at home; to my amazement, it started making a difference.  I felt stronger and was having less leakage.  It wasn’t long after taking pelvic pow-HER I stopped wearing incontinence pads. I feel like I have my life back, so beautiful that I no longer need to purchase incontinence products.  I also no longer suffer from lower back pain while gardening.  I am completely amazed at how my life has changed from participating in pelvic pow-HER.  If you are dealing with incontinence or lower back pain, I recommend you give pelvic pow-HER a try. I am so glad I did. It was life-changing.”

Cindy Merryman

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