Are you wondering why you’re so angry?

You may have something called PMDD, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or really bad PMS.

PMDD Symptoms

  1. depressed mood/hopelessness
  2. anxiety, on edge
  3. sad/tearful/rejected
  4. marked anger
  5. disinterest in activities
  6. lack of energy
  7. change in appetite overeating
  8. insomnia
  9. out of control-overwhelmed
  10. physical symptoms; breast tenderness, headache, bloat
  11. plus.. affects work, school, and relationships for at least 2 consecutive months

The difference between PMS and PMDD is the severity of symptoms

PMDD treatment?

  • Step #1 – Eliminate or minimize coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and sugar, a diet high in protein – at least days 14-28.
  • Reduce sodium with fluid retention and diary with constipation
  • Step #2 – Add in a hormone modulator like Chaste Berry
  • Step #3 – Add in Adaptogens
  • Step #4 – Integrate the #1 natural antidepressant – St. johns wort
    Step #5 – Exercise, meditation, journaling, yoga massage, baths
  • Step #6 – address your liver health by adding in Bupleurum

Watch this video below to learn more:


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Anger is a sign of poor liver health.  You want to support your liver with a clean diet, and supplements and reduce alcohol and stress.



P.S.  Ready to stop PMS naturally? Book a health consultation today. 

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