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Postpartum Anxiety

How I healed postpartum anxiety by addressing my gut health

I know what you're thinking. How can you reduce anxiety by addressing your gut health? But...Does this sound familiar? bloating pain with eating gluten or dairy skin eruptions exhaustion seasonal allergies recurring yeast infections achy joints and muscles Imagine...

Writing through postpartum depression – 13 writing prompts for mental health

One of the most unexpected outcomes of experiencing postpartum depression for me was the enjoyment of writing. What if you could overcome postpartum depression by writing your deepest, most sacred thoughts? Think about this for a moment... Are you wanting to say or...
How To Use Ayurveda To Reduce Anxiety

How To Use Ayurveda To Reduce Anxiety

Be honest.. you wish you could feel more rested and less agitated? What if you could feel calm and carefree on most days? Think about this for a moment, if you had a soothing daily routine to follow when you were stressed would you practice it? The truth is your body...

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