Are you feeling exhausted and not sure why?

You may have something called postpartum adrenal fatigue.

What is postpartum adrenal fatigue?

It’s complete and udder exhaustion after childbirth AND it’s not a real thing.  What I mean is, your doctor would never give you this diagnosis.

But hold on, just because your doctor is not recognizing your extreme fatigue – it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

By the end of this post, I’m going to share the nine symptoms of postpartum adrenal fatigue and the steps you can take to get your energy back fast.

So, is adrenal fatigue real?

Your adrenals don’t get fatigued unless you have a medical diagnosis, where your adrenals stop producing cortisol.

  • your labs may come back fine
  • you’re still feeling exhausted
  • but, it’s not measurable

It’s an alternative medical term to describe the symptoms your experiencing and at the root of it is inflammation in the body.

I first heard of this term from my teacher. Dr. Aviva Romm, who wrote the book Adrenal Thyroid Revolution. 

Postpartum adrenal fatigue symptoms

11 symptoms that may suggest you have adrenal fatigue are:

  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Irritability, anxiety, feeling blue
  • Sugar/carbs, fat, caffeine, or salt cravings
  • Tiredness around 3-4 most afternoons
  • Weight gain, especially around your middle
  • Getting sick more often than you used to
  • Hormonal problems
  • Brain fog, forgetfulness
  • Digestive problems
  • Hashimoto’s symptoms or another autoimmune condition

Plus if you’re breastfeeding and sleep-deprived. your body is being challenged every, single day.

So what do we do about it?

We get to the root cause of your exhaustion.

Simple steps to restore your health

  • #1 Integrate adaptogens
    • Adaptogens can help pull you out of fight or flight and help ease the daily stress of motherhood.
  • #2 Whole food diet
    • Eat whole foods, gluten-free and maybe dairy-free to reduce inflammation
    • Have your vitamin levels checked to see if they are low
    • Reduce coffee and eliminate alcohol
  • #3 Restore your gut health
    • Heal your gut with the 4R approach
    • Make sure you’re eliminating daily
  • #4 Improve your sleep
    • Restore your sleep with herbs and homeopathic medicine
  • #5 Uncover any trauma you may have had with therapy
    • Explore EMDR, brain retraining, meditations and ART therapy
  • #6 Move your body every day
    • You need to sweat most days of the week to reduce toxins
  • #7 Soothe your nervous system with nervines


This is what I teach in The Present Momma group training.  Get on the list HERE.

Can you take adrenal support while breastfeeding?

Yes! There are many botanicals you can take when you are struggling with exhaustion.


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 Postpartum Adrenal Fatigue

Postpartum adrenal cocktail

The ONE daily tea is a nice blend to support your adrenal health and calm your nervous system. It’s steeped for over eight hours to draw out the medicinal qualities of the botanicals.

The ONE daily tea



Postpartum adrenal fatigue is the body’s way of showing you, you’re doing too much. This is the season of your life to rest and recover from childbirth, which is a major event you’ve just experienced.  Your body needs deep nourishment, warm cooked foods, herbal teas, and digestive healing; along with positive thinking to support your transition into motherhood.

Are you experiencing postpartum adrenal fatigue? I’d love to help.  Send me a message.



Postpartum adrenal fatigue; how to fix it with herbal medicine