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Feel confident using herbs & homeopathy

For women & children

Homeopathy Simplified

Feel confident using homeopathy with babies & toddlers.  In this course you’ll discover, My favorite tried and true homeopathic remedies for:

  • The must-have teething remedies & ear infection remedies
  • The little known secrets to stop the flu fast
  • The #1 remedy for the croup cough & 3 Tried & true Coxsackie Remedies


Home Remedies For Children

Feel confident using botanicals to reduce upper and lower respiratory illnesses and reduce doctor’s visits. 


Allergy-Free Kids

Reduce eczema, seasonal allergies, and asthma symptoms by integrating botanicals and healing your child’s gut. The step-by-step program will lead you through the natural remedies to have healthy kids all year. Feel happy and relieved to know, your child can thrive with health. 


The Present Momma

Overcome postpartum anxiety in 6-weeks by integrating botanicals and healing your gut health. Grab your FREE training:

How to stop postpartum anxiety: even if you’re breastfeeding – CLICK HERE

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