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Natural remedies for women & children

Craving healthier kids?

Grab my 25 Natural Remedies for Baby & Toddler

  • Over 25 normal childhood symptoms and the herbs & homeopathic remedies to reduce medications now
  • The must-have remedies for teething, croup, vaccinations & ear pain
  • 2 mini-trainings on how to use herbs & homeopathy with kids so you feel confident integrating these remedies – safely


Tara Gregorio
diastasis recti

Pelvic Pow-HER

 Tighten the gap of diastasis recti in 6-weeks with physical therapy and pilates exercises – or your money back. 

Home Remedies For Children

Home Remedies For Children

The EXACT herbal and homeopathic remedies to reduce common childhood symptoms for babies, toddlers & big kids. Reduce doctor’s visits today when you integrate natural remedies. 

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