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How to use natural remedies while breastfeeding without fear

Swipe my 13+ favorite herbal remedies for the nursing years This cheat sheet includes: √ the 80 herbs to avoid while breastfeeding √ the EXACT way to know a botanical is safe √ and the unexpected, safe herbal remedies to use after birth


Is postpartum depression showing up in your body?

Swipe my postpartum depression roadmap to discover the safe, effective supplements & herbs to help you feel like yourself again; even if you’re breastfeeding




Are you wondering how you can overcome postpartum anxiety; without medications?

Grab this FREE checklist to discover how to use herbal medicine to soothe anxiety fast – naturally👇

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Tired of sick kids? Worried about over-medicating?

Swipe my favorite herbal & homeopathic remedies for babies, toddlers & big kids so you can feel confident using natural remedies.



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Tara Gregorio
Why do I teach herbal medicine?
  • When I had twins and struggled with PPA and PPD
  • When I was sick with Lyme and I had to wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment
  • When I was grieving my husband’s death… herbal medicine soothed my nerves and healed my body
  • Our children need to learn these remedies so they can take care of themselves and pass on these traditions to their families.

I hope you’ll join me!