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Anxiety Relief

anxiety relief

Are you a mom looking to “take the edge off” naturally? Even if you’re breastfeeding or afraid they won’t work fast enough? Swipe my favorite herbal remedies.

Postpartum Recovery 

Are you craving a natural postpartum recovery? Complete with herbal remedies; that are safe while breastfeeding AND the exercises you’re body needs now? Grab this freebie – you can thank me later.

In this FREE checklist, you’ll discover…

  • The 4 Must-Have postpartum supplements to improve your daily energy & mood
  • The 5 postpartum diet mistakes and how to fix them
  • Better than Zoloft; The 9 herbs for anxiety
  • Breastfeeding? Discover the lactation risk score & the 14 herbal remedies that are safe for postpartum anxiety & depression
  • Plus, how to test for diastasis recti & 3 must-have pelvic floor exercises!

Postpartum Depression

postpartum depression

Are you struggling with postpartum depression or the baby blues and want to stop intrusive thoughts fast?

Discover how to reduce postpartum depletion with diet, supplements, and herbal medicine so you can feel like yourself again. Join this FREE 5-day email challenge: How to overcome postpartum depression – naturally; even if you’re breastfeeding.

  • [Day 1] The ONE diagram to help you bust through PPD – naturally
  • [Day 2] Stuck in high alert? 7 Signs you need adaptogens 🍄
  • [Day 3] Should you take St. John’s Wort; even if you’re breastfeeding.
  • [Day 4} What you ought to know about anxiety & sleep deprivation and what to do about it.
  • [Day 5] The root cause of depression, is it your gut health?

Allergy-Free Kids

home remedies for allergies

Are you tired of using medications for eczema, seasonal allergies & asthma-like breathing?

What you’ll discover in this FREE challenge:

  • [Day 1]: The ONE diagram to stop allergic disease and reduce inflammation for years to come
  • [Day 2]: 9 Simple shortcuts to reduce medications for seasonal allergies & asthma
  • [Day 3]: What moms need to know about gluten & dairy-free diets to reduce inflammation
  • [Day 4]: The MAGIC of healing your child’s gut to reduce disease
  • [Day 5]: 7 Ways to reduce everyday toxin exposure to reduce inflammation

Healthiest kids on the block

Boost your child's immunity challenge

Tired of sick kids?

What you’ll discover in this FREE challenge:

  • [Day 1] The 5-step formula to go from sick to > thriving health
  • [Day 2] My #1 tip to stop constipation in kids – so they can reduce toxins
  • [Day 3] The simple supplements to reduce the common cold & flu symptoms
  • [Day 4} Five alternatives to antibiotics that are affordable & taste good!
  • [Day 5] The little known secrets to reducing food sensitivities to reduce upper respiratory illnesses


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