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Do you ever feel like your scar has affected your bladder control?

Your thoughts may not be so crazy after all.

The scar tissue formed from C-sections, episiotomies, surgeries, and perineal tearing can cause numbness and an inability for the adhesions to lay down in a proper pattern, affecting all your muscles around the area. Furthermore, if you have scar tissue internally, it may be affecting your organs.

For over the past seventeen years, I’ve worked with women of all ages and the pain doesn’t seem to subside with time.

(Here’s a nice image to demonstrate the pull of scar tissue)

One way to speed the healing of your scar tissue is to practice a scar massage.

Here are symptoms you may be having due to the scar tissue:

8 Symptoms You May Be Experiencing From Your C-section Scar

  • pain during sex
  • clitoral and/or labial pain
  • feeling like you need to go to PEE a lot
  • numbness around the scar
  • lumpy or hard spots over the scar
  • pelvic, low back and pain in the groin
  • digestive troubles
  • can’t feel your abdominals doing work

3 Symptoms You May Be Experiencing From An Episiotomy

    • difficulty going to the bathroom
    • pain/tension in your pelvis
    • pain or discomfort with sex

So, What can you do about your pain?

======>>> Massage your scar:)

{keep in mind, I am not a massage therapist}

The scar tissue formed after an incision may not lay down as “neatly” and is less pliable and flexible. A gentle scar massage can “break-up” this tissue creating more freedom in the area and in your overall body and may reduce the tension you are feeling.

How soon can you practice a scar massage?

You want to wait for at least 6-weeks after any abdominal surgery and consult with your doctor before adding this in. Do not massage the scar if there is any oozing or redness. Please see your doctor!

How do I do a scar massage?

There are 4 ways to do a scar massage

  • massage gentle circles over the scar {and any area of tension}
  • press and wiggle- press down and shift forward and back slightly
  • go over the scar left to right and right to left
  • use a SOFT massage ball/foam roller and gently sit on it and breathe for your perineal area

You can use coconut oil or any other oil to help the fingers skim over the skin.

Practice this for 1 minute most days of the week. Be gentle and over time increase your pressure.

Take your time and realize healing takes time. The best types of exercise for you are breathing, walking, core restoration and light bodyweight exercises until the scar tissue heals. Possibly 9-12 months.

Diet is also VERY important to heal the scar tissue. Make sure you are getting enough healthy protein at each meal.

When the scar tissue is released, you will unwind years of tightness and be able to connect to your core AND pelvic floor with ease.

Have you experienced pain from your scars? I want to hear from you.  Tell me below in the comment section. 

Have you had a c-section or surgery and noticed it has affected your bladder control? In this blog, I share how a scar massage may help you.
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