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What if you could heal your abdominal separation?

OR at least know the best exercises to re-connect to your center again.

You’re probably sick of hearing it by now.

But, it’s not about closing the gap.

That’s a crazy thought, isn’t it?

You see in 2013, I had my twins Mario & Eva and during the postpartum time, I was very confused with the best exercises to heal my core. I taught Pilates for over thirteen years and felt like situps made my stomach pouch out more, not flatten.

Just like you, I was confused.

Should I do sit-ups? Should I skip running? How do I close the gap?

But, that wasn’t the important piece.

What I should have been focussing on is my pelvic floor and core re-connecting, plus a nutrient dense diet to heal the connective tissue and reduce the bloating.

I only had a 1.5 finger separation, but it bothered me. I still looked pregnant. And, my back would go out occasionally while caring for the twins.

So, I’m here to tell you, take a deep breath… it’s not about closing the gap. The important question is, do you need pelvic floor physical therapy?

You see, the pelvic floor {those muscles below the belt} can help restore your core.  You may be holding tension in the muscles from a c-section or a perineal tear, and this tension needs to be released.

You also may be weak in your pelvic floor if you had a vaginal birth.

So, How do you know if you need pelvic floor exercises for your separation?

  • Your back goes out occasionally
  • You feel like you have doming in your abs with sit-ups
  • You have leaking once and a while:)
  • You squeeze your buttocks most of the day
  • You can’t connect to your center at all

5 Ways I Healed My Diastasis Recti

#1 Abdominal Pumps

  • #1 Similar to “fire breath” in yoga.  You inhale release your abdominals and then exhale, pull in your core as if snapping it to your back.  Practice this 10-100x daily.
  • #2 Hold your abdominals in and count to three.  Rest and repeat.

#2 Stretching My Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor muscles are BELOW your core.  So, it only makes sense that they are affected when your core is not functioning correctly.  If your pelvis is tilted forward OR back, your pelvic floor has changed.  A diaphragmatic breath will release any tension in your pelvic floor and re-teach your core to let-go of undue stress.

#3 Addressing Gut Imbalances

Due to antibiotic use and the hormones from your baby {or two in my case!}, you may need to address gut healing to shed the pregnancy look.  It’s common to have leaky gut syndrome after birth. {Read 10 signs you have a leaky gut and how to heal it, by Dr. Aviva Romm.  }

Therefore, you may need to remove gluten and dairy for 4-6 weeks and add in some good supplements to repair your gut digestion.  It’s called the 4R approach, as a women’s herbal educator I can walk you through the steps or reach out to a functional medicine doctor for a firm diagnosis.

#4 Watching Alignment

Your rib to hip alignment is extremely important in healing your abdominal separation. Think of sticking your tush out {not squeezing your buttocks} and drawing your ribs over your hips.  This will engage your core and help with a better alignment throughout the day.

#5 Is It Safe To Do Sit-ups With A Separation?

This is a big question! One I suffered with for over three years.

IF you can engage your pelvic floor and transversus {a muscle that flattens your core in the front}, then you can do sit-ups.  Diane Lee has some amazing FREE content for instructors and clients to view.  Check them out here. 

“Training comes before strengthening.”- Diane Lee

So, what are your next steps to heal diastasis recti?

#1 Train your pelvic floor – Check out my online course Pelvic Pow-HER

#2 Activate your transversus with correct core exercises

#3 Seek out a pelvic floor physical therapist

#4 Change your diet for gut healing


It’s not about closing the gap.  When you have a separation you want to learn how to engage your pelvic floor and your core again.  When you have doming, stop the exercise and reassess.

Do you have a separation? Comment below and tell me what you have tried so far.

What if you could heal your abdominal separation? It's not important that you close the gap, but that you learn the essential exercises to heal your core and reduce low back pain. Click here to learn more.
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