Happy, Healthy Kids Without the Fear

Are you craving happy normal kids without all the doctor’s visits? Let’s take the fear out of using natural remedies. Grab your 5 FREE herbal recipes to boost immunity now. 👇


Afraid herbs will do more harm than good? Or that they won’t work fast enough?

Researched, Easy to navigate, herbal & homeopathic remedies to reduce common childhood symptoms for the first 5 years of your child’s life. 

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Guaranteed results

Reduce doctor’s visits and boost your child’s immunity in 30 days or your money back.

Tired of your kids always being sick? Herbs & Homeopathy are the fastest, safest way to boost your child’s immunity. 

Why Home Remedies For Children?

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Home Remedies For Children

Fewer Doctors Visits

Get instant access to a full library of natural remedies for common childhood symptoms.

Confidence with using natural remedies

Feel confident using herbs & homeopathy with your children to reduce medications and overuse of Tylenol.

Happy, Healthy Kids

When we teach children how to use homeopathy they “take back their healthcare.” They learn how to care for themselves as they get older.  They have better digestion and happier thoughts.

Fewer allergies & asthma

When you integrate botanicals, you’ll notice your child thrives with health.  This means fewer seasonal allergies and “asthma-like” breathing.
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About Tara

Who am I to teach you? Hey, I’m Tara- Certified Women’s Herbal Educator with Dr. Aviva Romm.

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve always loved using natural remedies, but when I had twins – I was so worried I would hurt them! But, my ‘mommy instinct’ told me this is what they need. Double teething, double pneumonia, and double ear infections. I had to find a way to integrate these remedies so that they worked!

Then when my son got C. diff, seasonal allergies, and diagnosed with asthma-like breathing. I knew there had to be a better way to care for my children’s health. After changing his diet, healing his gut, and using botanicals…. His C. diff went away without needing antibiotics and we didn’t need allergy or asthma medication. His eczema has cleared up and he experiences fewer seasonal allergy symptoms.

I’ve studied with master herbalists like Peeka Trenkle, Robin Rose Bennett & Dr. Aviva Romm and it took plenty of trial and error before coming up with my 4-step plan to keep them healthy all year long I’ve packaged all of this into my online course; Home Remedies For Children. 

Now it’s time for you to experience the same results with natural remedies. That’s what I’m here to help with.

“Let’s raise resilient children”

Where do you start?

Grab your 5 FREE herbal recipes for children’s health to get started. Then join me each week on my youtube channel to discover how to integrate natural remedies with your children. 

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