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Health Consultations With Tara Gregorio

Heal your gut.  Stop anxiety.  Feel amazing.


Have you ever wondered why…

…your stomach puffs out a lot when you eat
…your gluten and dairy sensitive
…you have strange symptoms that doctors have no answers for?

It may be from your gut health.

Imagine this…

…being able to eat gluten and dairy occasionally. Feeling relaxed and carefree. Not feeling bloated or pain after eating. Having energy and sleeping well.

That’s what happened to me

Pain with digestion. Been there. Fear of eating gluten or dairy for worry of what would happen.  Been there, too! Nervous to go out and eat or go to a family party due to the food. Yup. I’ve used botanicals for over twelve years now and it wasn’t until I “healed my gut” that my anxiety decreased, my sleep improved and my digestion stopped worrying me so much. 

Have you been frustrated with your doctor’s visits? Feeling like they just prescribe medicine? I have.

When the herbs didn’t work for me, I became a Certified Women’s Herbal Educator with Dr. Aviva Romm, to figure it out. Healing my gut helped restore my overall health and has helped my clients who have been struggling for years with digestive concerns.

The secret to your health – is in your gut. Take the gut health questionnaire here. 

That’s how I stopped PPD, years of anxiety and bloating and fear of eating gluten. Book a complimentary session today. 

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Reduce Anxiety – Naturally

Discover how your diet, herbal adaptogens and lifestyle techniques can reduce anxiety, insomnia or depression naturally.  Start with the introductory package – 3, 1-hr phone consultations for $299.

Heal Your Gut

Bloating, constipation, and digestive issues can create a lot of worry.  Women especially should be concerned, as it affects your pelvic floor health.  Book my introductory offer- 3, 1-hr phone consults to get to the root of your digestive issues. Cost: $299


What They Say

“I have been working with Tara on a few things-post natal core strengthening is the first and she has been incredibly helpful through her online program and tutorials! She’s also created a tincture for my energy levels- very knowledgeable. She’s my magic motherhood trick!” – J.G

“Tara is a thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable person. Her in-depth understanding of women’s health has been a huge help to me. The herbal tinctures she has suggested have been beneficial in supporting my system after the birth of my daughter. Tara is terrific and I highly recommend her!” – Mary Farkas

“When I was pregnant with Wally (my second) I made sure to line up extra supports. (each pregnancy adds additional strain on the body) One of the very best things I did for myself was to enlist the help of Tara Gregorio.  Her expertise in helping women strengthen their core and pelvic floor runs deep. And the workouts are really really effective! (my midwives were super impressed when they checked my function.) Thankfully, Tara is making her signature Pelvic PowHer program available through an online course- so you can access it in the comfort of your own home….  so check it out. I promise you won’t regret it.” – Dana Whiddon

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