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Private Health Consultations

I bring 14+ years of experience as a community herbalist and certified women’s herbal educator. Plus, Pelvic Pow-HER – my 17+ years as a Pilates instructor teaching women how to engage their pelvic floor and core – so you feel strong, pain-free, and confident once again.

How do you begin?

  1.  Book a Health consultation via acuity scheduling
  2. Tara will call you at the appointed time
  3. Receive follow-up support for 30-days.  If you’re not satisfied, I will give you your money back – no questions asked.
Tara Gregorio

Private Health Consultations

 Postpartum & Beyond

Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression

All three of these go hand-in-hand.  Learn how to heal insomnia so you can reduce anxiety and depression for years to come. 


Do you feel like a raging mess each month? Let’s fix that. Don’t wait any longer to reduce anxiety, stress, anger, and depression.  Herbal tinctures can help soothe your monthly symptoms and reduce anger.  And, when your liver health improves, you’ll have fewer episodes of painful breasts, bloating, constipation and crying!

Perimenopause & Menopause

Are you struggling with insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, and an irregular cycle? Botanicals can help regulate your cycle and soothe unwanted symptoms.  Feel centered and grounded today when you integrate herbal remedies.

30-day Transformation

Save 30% when you commit to 3 private health consultations.  This is ideal if you’re struggling with hormonal challenges like PMS, PMDD, Peri-menopause, Fibroids, or Menopause.  This is also ideal for PPD and anxiety concerns. Receive unlimited support for 30-days via text and/or email.  BOOK NOW

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Looking For A Natural Remedy?

Do you hate using conventional medication? Or you’re worried about an herb/drug interaction? Book a health consultation today to discover how to use botanicals safely so you can begin learning HOW to use herbs safely.

Money-Back Guarantee: Worried a health consultation will not work for you? If you’re not happy, I’ll refund your money 100%.  What do you have to lose?

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