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Tara Gregorio




What is a women’s herbal educator?

A women’s herbal educator is a certified herbalist through Dr. Aviva Romm.  I share my knowledge of how to use botanicals safely throughout the years.  This particular course teaches us how to use herbs from menarche to menopause.

What does Tara specialize in?

I’ve worked with master herbalists like Dr. Aviva Romm, Robin Rose Bennet & Peeka Trenkle to uncover how to use herbs & homeopathy safely.  I’m obsessed with helping moms recover from pregnancy faster and feel confident using herbs with their children to reduce stress, anxiety, and doctor’s visits!

How can I learn more?

Join me each Tuesday on YouTube to discover how to use herbs safely. Respond and ask questions on YouTube, IG or Facebook.

What is a health consultation?

A health consultation is a sharing of information.  I’ll ask you to complete an introductory questionnaire so I can learn your history.  You’ll share a 3-day diet and we’ll discuss how foods, supplements, and herbs can help reduce your symptoms fast. Book a session here: https://taragregorio.as.me/

Where do I purchase the products Tara suggested?

Head over to my supplement store:https://kit.co/tarajgregorio

Are you breastfeeding?

Join my closed FB group for tips & tricks during the nursing years: https://www.facebook.com/groups/postpartumnaturalremedies

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