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I’m so happy you’re here.  My mission is to help women recovery from pregnancy faster with exercises and natural remedies. Join me each Tuesday on Youtube to learn how to recover faster or get started with one of my affordable, online education starter packs below. 

Tara Gregorio

Tired of sick kids?

Discover how we overcame recurring colds, Cdiff, and “asthma-like” breathing with natural remedies. Grab your 1-hr Boost Your Child’s Immunity to discover how to begin nourishing your child now for just $27.

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Diastasis Recti?

With over 17 years of teaching STOTT PILATES to students and physical therapists, you can now discover how my clients and I’ve healed our separation in 6-weeks.  



Feeling anxious?

Discover how I overcame postpartum depression and anxiety with postpartum supplements and herbal remedies.  I’m not taking clients right now, due to homeschooling.  This is the most affordable way to work with me right now.  I’d love for you to feel more present now. 


Hi there, I’m Tara

Tara Gregorio


Did you think motherhood would be this hard? Me neither. Read how I can help you overcome the many challenges you’re facing – naturally.


What exactly is a health consultation?

As a woman’s herbal educator, I’m trained in natural remedies from menarche to menopause.  We can discuss your symptoms and how to integrate teas and tinctures to reduce your symptoms naturally. Currently, I’m not taking clients. I’d love to work with you…Please start with one of my “Starter Packs” to get started!

What is Pelvic Pow-HER?

It’s an online course to help you heal diastasis recti in 6-weeks.  Don’t believe me? Read these testimonials.

Want to get started? Join my free challenge here. 

How do I sign into my course?

Go to www.courses.taragregorio.com or scroll to the bottom of this page and tap login.

What is Home Remedies For Children?

It’s a self-paced, online course to help children reduce antibiotics and risk of C. diff. Learn more here. 

Are there any freebies?

Join me weekly on Youtube for free training.

Join one of my starter packs to receive FREE training in my closed FB groups.

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