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Wondering what are the best exercises for diastasis recti?

Watch these videos to tighten the gap of your abdominal separation.

But first, how big is your separation? Watch this video to see how wide your gap is.

#1 Diastasis recti finger test


#2 – #1 Diastasis recti exercise

Practice this 10-100x daily to tighten your gap.

#3 Pelvic Floor Exercises

Learning how to engage your pelvic floor is valuable to healing your diastasis recti.

#4 Diastasis recti treatment

Practice this workout most days of the week to strengthen your core.


#5 Diastasis recti posture

Notice your posture every day.  Are you sticking your hips out? Practice this alignment daily.

#6 3 Exercises to avoid with diastasis recti


Alignment, diet, breathing and pelvic floor engagement are all important in healing your abdominal separation.  Practice these exercises on most days of the week to tighten the gap without surgery.

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Diastasis Recti Exercises
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