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5 Questions Answered About Your Pelvic Floor

Imagine never leaking again when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or jump? You see, over four years ago I was at my best friends wedding.  My twins were only a year old and it was the first time I was out enjoying myself.  After no sleep the night before, I was drinking and...

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5 Myths Of Postpartum Exercise Recovery

I didn't do a sit-up for over four years because of my diastasis recti, an abdominal separation due to my twin pregnancy. Confused and sleep deprived, I also drank Guinness to improve my milk supply and paid little attention to my diet for the first year.   But...

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10 Things I would have done differently postpartum

I cried when we left the hospital. I was so afraid to go home with two babies and get back to real life where I had to cook, clean and care for two little ones. I was right to be afraid. Our postpartum time was filled with so much chaos, crying and sleep deprivation....

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6 Exercises For Diastasis Recti {a.k.a. mummy tummy}

Are you a new momma frustrated by the way your stomach looks? You cringe when someone asks you if you’re expecting? You’ve googled diastasis recti and your pretty sure you have it, but what do you do for it? And more importantly, will it heal?...

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Why I added adaptogens when I had postpartum depression

The clock reads 2 am. A baby cries. I startle awake, jack-knifing out of bed to run to the twins bedroom. Exhausted and overwhelmed once again. This time, it’s Eva who needs her pacifier, a quick pat to soothe her back to sleep. I go through the motions, barely awake...

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How To Test For Diastasis Recti + Best Exercises

For over eight months, I avoided touching my core after birthing my twins, Mario and Eva. When I was brave enough to do it, I noticed a 3 finger separation.  I had a diastasis recti, a natural separation that occurs during pregnancy and especially with...

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4 Concerns With Using Botanicals

More than 50% of Americans are using some type of herbal supplement, as many as 18% use them in conjunction with pharmaceutical drugs and most do not inform their health care provider of herbal medicine use. {1} Eight years later, I completely feel confident telling...

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3 Ways to use botanicals like an herbalist

There are many ways to use botanicals, so they are effective and tasty ensuring your compliance.  Reaching for botanicals and homeopathy first when I have needed them,  has resulted in using little to no antibiotics or NSAIDs for over the past ten years. With so many...

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5 Steps To Reduce A Urinary Tract Infection

Do you wish you had a natural remedy for your urinary tract infection? Are you sick of using antibiotics? Botanical medicine can help reduce the duration of your symptoms, prevent progression to upper UTI, and prevent recurrence. So, what is a urinary tract infection...

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