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Natural Remedies For Children

5 Home Remedies For The Flu

What if you could decrease your flu symptoms naturally? If you prefer to use natural remedies during the cold and flu season, read on. Influenza, otherwise known as the flu, can be debilitating and cause great suffering for you and your family.  Botanicals and...

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Everything you need to know about homeopathy.

Have you ever wondered if homeopathy actually works? Maybe you've tried those little sugar tablets with no relief. Or you already believe, they will not work. My first experience using homeopathy is when I had the flu for the second time in my life.  I had a liquid...

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Herbal Popsicles

Do you have little kids at home that love those sugary pops? Would you love to incorporate more nutrition into their diet? Introducing Herbal Popsicles. I've used this recipe for over five years now and my twins LOVE helping me make them! Herbal Popsicles Ingredients...

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DIY Bug Spray

Making your own bug spray can be easy.  All you need is a few items and blend! Here's what you'll need: 3-8 oz dark spray bottle.  I like to order from SKS or Specialty bottle, but you can also get just one bottle at your local health food store. High-quality...

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3 Homeopathic Remedies For Croup

What if you were completely prepared for a croup cough?You felt confident about the remedy and were able to get back to sleep faster.As a new mom of twins, waking to the sound of croup was so terrifying. The classic ringing, barking cough creates fear...

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