Natural Remedies For Children

Don’t trust botanicals, here are 7 companies to love

Do you want to trust and believe herbs will work for you, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking “is this going to harm me?” Do you feel like your practitioner is selling you snake oil? That cure-all elixir with false claims. Or do you have bottles of...

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4 Creative ways to use tinctures with kids

Imagine not having to stuff medicine into your child. Imagine your child loving the taste of their medicine and wanting more! This is what's possible when you use herbal medicine and homeopathy. Herbs can taste great when you incorporate these simple tips.   What...

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How to stop a sinus infection naturally

You can stop sinus infections with diet, herbs, and homeopathy. Imagine knowing the exact plan to reduce the use of antibiotics for decades to come. For years, I would call up the doctor and request medications for my sinus pressure.  I knew I needed drugs to get rid...

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Herbal Popsicles

Do you have little kids at home that love those sugary pops? Would you love to incorporate more nutrition into their diet? Introducing Herbal Popsicles. I've used this recipe for over five years now and my twins LOVE helping me make them! [amd-yrecipe-recipe:4] Here...

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Why you should use fewer medications with your kids

Have you ever wondered why there are more food sensitivities in our children these days? You probably know someone who is gluten-free or dairy-free; maybe even your own child. Or maybe you know someone with Atopic conditions like eczema, allergies, or asthma. Did you...

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