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Immunity & Digestion For Kids

Skinny Tea Recipe

Do you love creating your own tea blends? Would you love to decrease your bloating and PMS symptoms with one cup of tea? Then this skinny tea is for you. Who is skinny tea good for? If you have constipation You have PMS You are experiencing bloating You have Urinary...

Herbal Popsicles

Do you have little kids at home that love those sugary pops? Would you love to incorporate more nutrition into their diet? Introducing Herbal Popsicles. I've used this recipe for over five years now and my twins LOVE helping me make them! [amd-yrecipe-recipe:4] Here...

DIY Bug Spray

Making your own bug spray can be easy.  All you need is a few items and blend! Here's what you'll need: [amd-yrecipe-recipe:7] Directions for DIY Bug Spray Mix 1 cup of 50% Vodka Essential oils: Cypress E.O. (10 Drops) Geranium E.O. (10 Drops) Bergamot E.o. (10 Drops)...

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