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“Anxiety girl! Able to jump to the worst conclusions in a single bound.”

A popular image pinned and posted on social media daily.  This superwoman figure is strong and proud with one hand to her heart and one in the air, proclaiming her strength, even though she struggles with anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural stress response experienced by millions of people. When anxiety becomes too much you may notice you experience heart palpitations and jump to false conclusions- just like anxiety girl.

Most days we are able to bounce back from stressful events, but for those who struggle with anxiety daily, burnout may set it.  Imagine a car running on fumes for days, eventually, the car will not start and will be stuck. Burnout feels like you are stuck, just like the car and cannot move.

To truly become superwomen, your body needs to be nourished and supported daily.  Most women find this selfish, it’s anything but, it’s a necessity.


Raising twins and running a Pilates studio taught me the true meaning of burnout in 2013.  After months of sleep-deprivation, I began studying to become a women’s herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm to uncover why I was struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. What I discovered was life-changing.  

Diet is always first, but botanicals-specifically adaptogens-can provide the nourishment you need, so you feel like yourself again.  

Here are my favorite herbs to help you feel like superwoman every day.

#1 Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera

The number one adaptogen I turn to when I am feeling overwhelmed is Ashwagandha. Known to give you the “strength and stamina of a stallion”, this botanical allowed me to raise twins and run a business at the same time with integrity. Gentle enough for those with anxiety, when taken regularly it can ease tethered nerves and improve sleep.

My favorite product: Try 2 dropperfuls of Adrena Soothe by Dr. Aviva Romm to reduce your stress.  

#2 Reishi-Ganoderma lucidum

Do you find you get sick when you finally go on vacation? Reishi is another soothing adaptogen to take when you get sick frequently, feel stressed out, or run down.  Taken regularly, you may notice you can enjoy a vacation, rather than spend it caring for your illness.

Due to its earthy taste, I prefer Reishi Extract by Host Defense.

Nervines to reduce stress & anxiety

The other category of herbs I would turn to for decreasing daily stress and anxiety would be nervines. If you get tired and wired at night or have trouble sleeping, nervines can bring you great relief.

#3 Milky Oat Tops- Avena sativa

Filled with vitamins and minerals, milky oat tops are one of the best sources to nourish your nervous tissue and promote gentle relaxation.  Drink a cup of milky oat tea and stinging nettles daily to boost your vitality. Due to cross contamination, you may want to avoid milky oats if you have celiac disease.

My favorite way to enjoy milky oats is to make a cup of blended tea. Combine equal parts of dried milky oat tops and stinging nettles.  Then take 1 tbs. Per 1 cup of boiling water.  Cover and steep for 20 minutes for a more medicinal infusion. Strain and add raw honey if desired.

#4 Chamomile- Matricaria recutita

This well-loved tea consumed by millions of people per day can reduce menstrual cramps, shift your erratic mood and ease digestion with just one cup.  Safe for children, our family enjoys a cup of chamomile tea most nights to reduce our stress. If you experience ragweed allergies, skip Chamomile and enjoy a cup of Lemon Balm tea.

My favorite recipe for the whole family: Blend Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Milky Oat Tops and take 1 tbs. Per 1 cup of boiling water.  Steep for 10 minutes. Add honey and cool the tea for little ones.

#5 Lemon Balm-Melissa officinalis

This delightful lemon-tasting tea will have you smiling after just one cup. Known as the “gladdening herb”, it will lift your spirits on the rainiest days.  

To enjoy: Take 1 tbs. of the dried herb to 1 cup of boiling water and let steep for 10 minutes. Add milk and honey if desired.

#6 Motherwort-Leonurus cardiaca

From motherhood to menopause, motherwort is a true gift for women.  If you experience heart palpitations or have trouble falling back asleep after being woken up, try Motherwort. Not to be used during pregnancy, but should be your first go-to-herb after birth.

To enjoy: Due to its bitter taste, Motherwort is best taken as a tincture throughout the day. Follow the directions on the package.

#7 Lavender- Lavandula officinalis

Tap diluted Lavender Essential oil on your wrists or spray it in the air to soothe stress immediately.  Known to induce sleep within 15 minutes, clients proclaim they are sleeping better from Lavender.

To enjoy: Add dried Lavender buds to your Chamomile tea or purchase Lavender Essential Oil to dilute and use in your body products.  


Using botanicals every day can nourish your body, reduce your chance of burnout and make you feel like superwoman. If you’re finding life is a little stressful, begin incorporating these suggestions to feel relaxed, balanced and break the cycle of worry.

Have you used botanicals before? Which ones do you love? Start the conversation in the comments below.

Tara Gregorio is a Certified Women’s Herbal Educator and momma of twins, based in Cold Spring, NY.   She also shares her favorite remedies for women and children’s health on Pinterest and Instagram.

Wondering how I reduce anxiety without medication? Botanicals are the answer.  You don't have to suffer anymore.  Discover how they can help you.
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