Be honest.

Meditations don’t really work for you.

But… what if you could be more mindful more often? What if you felt like you had more time on your hands? Would you try it?

The truth?

Once I carved out time for daily meditation – my anxiety finally shifted. It’s a non-negotiable. I practice it every day.

But don’t forget… your body loves repetition.

  • 👉Action Step: Try to find 10 minutes a day to practice one of these meditations for at least 30 days.

Then reach out.  I’d love to know if you have had success!

Let’s get started.

#1 Gabrielle Bernstein- Cord-cutting meditation

This was the first shift I ever experienced.  This meditation is included in her online membership or you can pay $4 for this transformation.  Practice it daily when you want to complete a ‘necessary ending’, something that is not serving you.

#2 Manifesting Meditation

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#3 Mary Kate is my go-to girl for removing any money blocks! We all have them.  Clear your thoughts about money and step into the Present Momma you crave to be.

#4 Morning Meditation: Practice this daily for miracles

#5 Have you tried hypnosis? The Mindful movement meditations are amazing.  These are my favorites.

#6 If you’re sleep-deprived and feeling tired and wired.. .try yoga Nidra before bed or if you get woken up and cannot fall asleep.

#7 My favorite affirmations, I repeat daily

Give yourself 30 days to try these meditations.  Then take time to journal afterward.

Could this work for you? Let me know below.




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