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You’ve heard the rumors, a croup cough can be scary and keep you up all night long with worry.

What if you could be prepared for a croup cough? If you’re a momma of children between the ages 2-6 read on.

Picture this.

It’s 12:00 am and you here the classic ringing, barking cough.  You jump out of bed and your heart is racing.

What do you do?

I always wished my twins came with a handbook of instructions!

The interesting part is a croup cough can settle within 20 minutes with the correct homeopathic remedy.

Let’s dive in.

What is a croup cough?

Croup is an inflammation of the larynx (voice box), trachea (windpipe), and sometimes the bronchi (the air passages between the throat and the lung). It usually accompanies a mild upper respiratory infection and the child’s wakes with a dry, barking, ringing cough.

The fear of not being able to breathe startles the child awake in the middle of the night.

Homeopathy works quickly and efficiently when you have the correct remedy.

But hang on, when using homeopathic medicine you want to follow the rules of “like cures like.” Basically, you are watching your child for any unusual symptoms, writing down anything you see or hear.  You only give the suggested treatments when your symptoms match the remedy.

Here’s a quick warning.

STOP giving doses when the child’s energy shifts, they look better, sound better or maybe they begin to go to sleep.

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So, what are the remedies?

3 Homeopathic Remedies for Croup

#1 Aconite (Aconitum Napellus)-30C Take Aconite 30c at the onset of croup.  Here the cough is dry, loud and barking and the child is exceedingly restless and anxious- usually, awakes in the middle of the night between 12-2am.  They are better off in the open air and often, thirsty.  These symptoms are the very picture of Aconite. If, after an hour, symptoms persist,  give a second dose of Aconite.  This is usually all that is needed. The child should be sleeping by now.


#2 Spongia (Spongia Tosta)- 30C If, however, after another hour, your child’s breathing is harsh and hard and the barking, ringing cough continues, give Spongia 30c.  The throat is sensitive to touch; a cough sounds like a saw driven through a board, and there is dryness of all air passages.  Also, the child is warm and is worse for swallowing. The last potential solution you may need would be:


#3 Hepar Sulph.  (Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum)-30C If toward morning, the coughing continues and breathing is still not smooth and easy, give Hepar Sulphuris 30C.  Here the cough is loose and rattling and deeper toned, and they have a dry, hoarse cough.  The child is irritable and chilly.  They feel like the wind is blowing on some part of their body and may want to wrap their head up or put on a hat. Rarely do we need more than Aconite in treating croup. Click below to hear how I use homeopathy with croup.  

5 Quick Ways To Resolve The Croup Cough

    • Step #1 – Give one dose of Aconite 30C when you first hear a croup cough. {30C is a safe potency for children.  Please do not purchase anything higher unless suggested by a professional.}


    • Step #2 – Wait 20 minutes and notice any changes.


    • Step #3- If the child is not asleep, give a second dose. At this point, the child should be sleeping.


    • Step #4 – If they are not sleeping, see the remedy for Spongia Tosta.


    • Step #5 – When they awake the next morning, you may need another dose of homeopathy if they still present with symptoms. If they just have a cold, treat them with your home cold and flu remedies.




Homeopathy is safe and reliable when used correctly.  Remember, if the symptoms continue to get worse over the course of the day, stop using that remedy.  The symptoms may increase after the first dose, and then gradually improve.  With time, your confidence in homeopathy will improve and bring you confidence in using natural remedies. {Please note I am not a doctor and none of the information replaces the suggestions from your doctor.  If you have any questions, please note below.} Could this work for you? Want to learn more about simple, effective, natural remedies for your children?

See my online course: Homeopathy Simplified here. 

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3 Homeopathic Remedies For Croup
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